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The Liquid Legal Institute is THE open platform for leading professionals, offering new perspectives on the transformation of legal departments, law firms and the legal system. The LLI is an interdisciplinary and open minded think tank contributing to a successful digital transformation.

  • Common Legal Platform

    To ensure that the CLP serves the interests of all, we have drafted the following “Principles for a Common Legal Platform”. Help us to shape and implement these principles. Let’s design the future!

  • Collaborative

    Entirely new expectations emerge not only regarding the in-house legal functions, but also regarding law-makers, public administration, justice and the legal ecosystem as a whole.

  • Open

    To enable a truly open collaboration towards realizing the CLP, we have made the “Principles for a Common Legal Platform” available on GitHub.

  • Encouraging

    We would like to put these Principles up for discussion and invite everyone to comment, supplement and elaborate on these principles.

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The principles


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Implementation layers

Layering follows the design principles of modularity and structure, allowing for compatibility and extensibility. Layering can be found in commonly accepted approaches for modeling enterprise architectures or complex systems.

Utilization Layer

Application Layer

Data Layer

Technology Layer

Leverage synergies!

Platform Benefits

Implementing the CLP allows companies and governmental authorities to leverage the full synergies of seamless integration on every layer: technology, data, applications, and ultimately processes and workflows. Scale effects will lead to a more efficient and effective legal industry – designed by the public for a greater good.

The CLP for companies

Implementing the Common Legal Platform within an enterprise setup or a company allows to leverage many synergies arising in all areas of interaction, consumption, or offering of legal (of all facets) services. This is not only restricted to the legal department.

Conceptualizing and implementing the four layers of the Common Legal Platform is not only beneficial for use cases and scenarios of in-house legal department but for the whole company.

The CLP for governments

The Common Legal Platform with its four layers is attractive for governments and governmental authorities as well. As authorities often face the same or similar challenges as companies, when it comes up to digital transformation, the CLP can be an ideal conceptual or implementational framework.

The CLP is not at all restricted to companies from the private sector. In fact, as discussed in depth at GitHub, many synergies will be leveraged once the CLP is adapted by many different players.

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  • Github

    For technical discussions and contributions to the CLP ecosystem, Github is the main platform for the LLI. Submit pull requests to the repositories of the projects above or contact their maintainers to get advice on how to start contributing. The LLI Github Organization is also a good starting point.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is the main communication platform of the Liquid Legal Institute. Members can use channels and private chats to communicate, exchange files or organize meetings. Once you have access, you can join here.

  • E-Mail

    For directly reaching the board of the Liquid Legal Institute, get in touch via the contact form or E-Mail here.